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How to become an Affiliate marketer with Zola Superfoods

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Become part of Zola Superfoods affiliate program

is easy. The first step is to fill the form and apply.


What is the product or service offered in this Affiliate

marketing program:

- African superfoods ( powders, tea,s coffee etc )
- Natural haircare products
- Natural skincare products

You can make comissions from the sale of a variety of
products sold online through various channels.

The process is simplified with user friendly technology.

The approved affiliate marketers do receive some  links
to promote and/ or share on her social media platforms.

It may be a link and/or a promotional code.

Affiliate marketer form

Please fill the form to apply.

More infos about your marketing strategy


Thanks for submitting!
We’ll contact this person only in case of emergency.

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How do I get paid
The affiliates in our Affiliate program are paid
based on the sale they refer to us.


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